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5 Steps to Addressing Micro-Cheating in a Relationship

Micro-Cheating can cause feelings of betrayal and feel like infidelity in a relationship. Couples should discuss how they define infidelity and what boundaries are important to them in a Marriage. Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck specializes in helping couples heal from betrayal and establish and strengthen relationship boundaries so both partners feel valued and safe.

“Angerholic” | 5 Signs of Anger Addiction

Do you know someone who seems to be irritable all the time or “flies off the handle” and goes into a rage over something that doesn’t go their way? Do you have family members or friends who hurt people with verbal or physical abuse and then feel really bad about it, apologize, promise never to

5 Essentials for Strong Mental Health

The Past, Present, and Future: 3 reasons why is it important to schedule regular Mental Health Check-ups with a professional counselor.

Signs of Codependency in Relationships | Are you a People Pleaser?

Codependency is when a person is dependent on the approval of others for their own sense of identity and wellbeing. A codependent person has poor boundaries, the need to control resulting in them being manipulative at times, poor self worth, and they tend to take on the role of rescuer or caretaker. Oftentimes they self identify as the “fixer”.

3 Facts Every Couple Should Know About Sex

As a Certified Sex Therapist and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, I help couples address a broad spectrum of sexual issues. In my experience, I believe there are three basic facts that all couples should know to help them maintain a healthy sexual relationship that is intimate and fulfilling for both partners.

5 Reasons Married Couples Should Never Stop Dating

Dating your partner helps to keep the marriage relationship a priority and strengthens sexual intimacy.

New Year Resolutions | Don’t Forget Relationships

As you are making your list of New Year Resolutions with goals to lose weight, exercise more, spend less, save more, and get organized…don’t forget to add your Relationship Resolutions.  These are resolutions to reconnect with people you haven’t talked with in a long time, attempts to mend broken relationships, and commitments to growing relational

3 Ways to Make Saying “No” Easier During the Holidays

Even Santa Can’t Please Everyone… Do you remember the disappointment you felt when you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas as a child?  Although you may have felt devastated in the moment, you got over it and enjoyed the other gifts and time with your family.  The truth is that even Santa can’t please

The Key to Happiness is Gratitude – not Attitude

4 Ways to Practice Gratitude: Having a positive attitude is a great way to face life every day, but if you do not know how to embrace and practice gratitude, you may still be unhappy.  In the busy world we live in, it can be very difficult to be grateful, especially when we are facing

COVID 19 Pandemic | Anxiety | Depression

Job loss, financial concerns, your children’s education, fear of sickness, concern for loved ones, and isolation are just a few of the many factors impacting us during this pandemic and uncertain time in our nation.  It is very normal to experience increased anxiety, depression, and irritability during stressful times.  Here are some things to practice

Mate Poaching | 3 Reasons Why Women Do It

Most women would probably admit that at some point in their life, they have been attracted to someone who is already married, but they would never think of trying to do anything to lure the man away from his wife.  However, for some women, they only seek out married and committed men to have a

3 Ways to Love Yourself

When we love someone, we give our time and effort to show it by our actions. We will go to great lengths to protect, value, and care for a loved one. How do you show love to yourself?