Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck is Certified in Sex Therapy, Sex Addiction Therapy, EMDR Therapy, and Anger Management. She also uses Prepare-Enrich and Gottman Couples Counseling to offer her clients HOPE to HEAL and live in HARMONY relating to sexual and relational issues and experiences. She also helps survivors of sexual trauma and abuse and those who experience sexual problems related to their spiritual beliefs. Dr. Hollenbeck is a relationship therapist and expert on the topic of Sexual Health.


Sexual Health is a result of developing a strong sense of self worth and balance in all aspects of our life including our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational well-being. Living a lifestyle that includes healthy sexuality does not happen by chance, but by purpose. Everyone must develop a plan for their own personal sexual well-being that is specific and unique for their own person, life, and relationship.


Developing a Healthy Sexuality Plan is important because Sexual Dysfunction, Sexual Disorders, Infidelity, Sexual Beliefs, and Illness can have a significant impact on our sexual health at various times throughout our lifetime.


For a person in Sex Addiction Recovery, this can be a very challenging process filled with fear and struggle. Men and women who turn to sex addiction are often victims of childhood trauma or abuse and experienced unhealthy exposure to relational, emotional, and/or sexual behavior and attachments at an early age. The partner of a person in sex addiction recovery also faces many challenges including trauma recovery and learning to engage in healthy sexuality for themselves in their relationship.


Healthy Sexuality can be a challenge at times, but is absolutely achievable for every person – no matter what you have experienced in the past. Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck can help you reach your goal of living life in a healthy way sexually. She provides Sex Therapy and Sex Addiction Therapy that is safe, confidential, and non-judgmental.


There is Hope for Healing through Counseling that leads to a life of Harmony.




Aspect of Yourself


To the

Hope & Harmony

You Desire & Deserve

Support System

Exercising Mind, Body & Spirit

X-raying Your Thoughts, Emotions, & Behaviors

Understanding of Your Sexuality

A Realistic Plan with Boundaries

Love for Self & Others

Intimacy – Relationally & Sexually

Trust – Responsibility & Reliability

Your Choices – Your Consequences