On my own personal journey of healing and seeking to thrive as my best self, I realized the process involved healing from the past, gaining insight about my self-worth as a whole person, and then gaining the skills and ability to change and reach my goals. I found that the impact of therapy with the addition of coaching was essential to my own personal growth.  I also realized that as I was helping my clients heal, we were also moving beyond the healing process to the present and future and so becoming a Certified Life Coach was the natural next step for me to gain the skills and resources to help my client’s reach their full potential, joy, and peace in life.


In the role of a therapist (Mental Health Counselor, Trauma Specialist, and Relationship Expert), I have the privilege to help you heal from past painful experiences and learn to live instead of exist.  I like to describe the process as learning to live from a place of healing instead of living from a place of woundedness. 


As a Coach, I will meet you where you are and help you on your journey from good to greatness in multiple areas of your life including your relationships.  Coaching can help you reach your goals sooner, gain clarity about your passion and vision, and implement the action steps for change and growth.


Here are some important differences between Therapy and Coaching to consider when you are seeking help to enrich your life:


Therapy is…

  • Helpful for identifying mental health diagnoses such as Bipolar Disorder and developing a treatment plan to help you live a productive life while managing your disorder. 
  • Very important for assessing if you are experiencing negative emotions that are within a healthy range or if you are suffering from Clinical Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, or Complex Grief. 
  • Essential if you have a history of trauma like surviving a car accident, military experiences, rape, childhood abuse and neglect, an abusive relationship or a house fire. 
  • An important part of addiction recovery. 
  • Important to healing the past and gaining insight about yourself.


Coaching is effective for: 

  • Identifying what you are passionate about and developing your vision.
  • Discovering what is blocking you from moving forward toward your goals. 
  • Making lasting changes to enhance your life and achieve your goals. 
  • Taking your relationships from good to great! 
  • Becoming a more effective leader. 
  • Acknowledgement, Encouragement, and Accountability for the present and future. 




If you have a desire to better your life but are not sure where to begin, please give me a call and we can talk together to identify whether therapy or coaching is the best path to take to move toward living your best life! 





Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Certified Life Coach