Is your family life chaotic?  Are you finding it difficult to get the kids to do their chores?  Does your family communicate by yelling and name calling?


Do you and your spouse disagree on how to discipline the kids?  When is the last time everyone in your family did an activity together?


Does your family avoid addressing conflict?  Has your family experienced a traumatic event or loss?


When is the last time you and your spouse had a date night?  Do you dread going home after work?  Do you feel like no one is listening to you?  Are you counting the days until your teenager leaves home?


The famous quote by Winston Churchill He who fails to plan is planning to fail can be applied to anything in life including our Family!


Family dynamics can be complex and they are constantly changing.  Whether your family consists of a traditional, blended, or single parent home, it can be a source of strength, love, and safety where everyone feels valued, and lives in harmony with each other.  All you need is a plan!  Whether your family has been established for a long time or a newly created one, you can create and implement a Family Plan that provides structure for love, discipline, and harmony.


Extended family sitting outdoors smiling


Family Counseling:  Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck will work with you in counseling by addressing the following areas and help you create or return to a Family Structure Plan that represents the family you love:


Empowering the people with the parental roles to envision their Family Plan


Provide the guidance and tools necessary to create and implement the Family Plan


Assess and Tweek issues that arise within the Family Plan


Address issues with each family member individually and as a group to build relational intimacy and to experience emotional healing if needed


Discover and overcome dysfunctional behavior patterns


Developing Communication and Conflict Resolution skills


Developing healthy expressions of emotion and acceptance of other’s feelings



There is Hope for Healing that produces Harmony through counseling.