Relationship Expertise

Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck is a communication expert who helps couples, families, friends, and co-workers develop and/or strengthen their relationship.  She holds certifications in Anger Management, EMDR Therapy, Sex Therapy, and Sex Addiction Therapy.  She is also trained in Gottman Couples Therapy, Prepare-Enrich Couples Counseling, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  She understands the challenges relationships face and respects the uniqueness of each relationship with caring, non-judgmental, and solution focused therapy.


Becoming a Couple

When we find our “person” and make the decision to commit to a relationship with them, our world becomes a different place and our priorities shift from “I” to “we”.  Now, we have a partner to experience the exciting unknowns and blessings of life with…dream together, build a family together, face life’s challenges together…all the while we are creating special memories and overcoming challenges.  It is an exciting time in our life!


The following list is just a sample of the many factors affecting each individual partner in a Couple Relationship.  So, it is only natural to have some degree of challenges when we become a couple.  Together, as a team, we must learn to blend our individuality in a way that respects the coupleship, while learning to effectively communicate, resolve conflict, and take individual responsibility for being the best partner we can be.


Childhood Experience

Parental Influences

Unique Personality Traits



Faith Practices

Belief Systems



Sense of Humor

Communication Style

Sexual History

Physiological Makeup

Cultural Influences and Practices


Dr. Hollenbeck brings her extensive education, training, insight, and resources to the counseling process with couples and offers them hope to successfully address any of the following situations couples will experience.


Premarital | Dating | Co-habitating

Marriage | Remarriage | Death | Divorce

Sexual Betrayal | Affairs | Sex Addiction

Sexual Disorders | Sexual Dysfunction

Sexless Marriage | Loss of Attraction

Parenting | Co-Parenting | Infertility Counseling

Communication | Conflict Resolution

Relational and Sexual Intimacy

Aging | Physical Illness | Life Transitions

Anxiety | Depression | Mental Illness


Many couples find themselves in a Sexless Marriage.  View Dr. Hollenbeck’s video presentation as a featured Sex Therapy expert on this topic as she discusses 20 Reasons Couples Stop Having Sex in the Center for Healthy Sex Webinar Series.