Three-Day Trauma Recovery Intensive For Partners Experiencing a Betrayal

Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck is an APSATS Certified Clinical Partner Specialist, a Clinical Trauma Professional, and a Certified EMDR Therapist. 


Shock, Disbelief, Fear, Anger, and Confusion are just a few of the overwhelming emotions a wife is experiencing when she discovers her husband has sexually betrayed her!

images-24Whether your spouse has had an affair or you have discovered information that indicates sex addiction behavior, this discovery is a traumatic experience for you and you may be suffering from PTSD! Once you become aware of the betrayal, the focus of attention for seeking support, therapy, healing, and forgiveness is usually for your spouse or partner.


Many times the Betrayed Partner of the Sex Addict is left with his or her world turned upside down. Instead of seeking healing for themselves, they focus on the well-being of their addicted spouse and their children…often neglecting their own needs.


There are several things that a Partner who has been betrayed sexually needs as soon as possible due to the fact that she or he has been traumatized:

A Support System

Affair and Sex Addiction Recovery Education

A Full Disclosure of all the Affair and/or Addict’s Behaviors

Trauma Recovery Therapy with a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

Guidance for Establishing Healthy Boundaries

A Self-Care Plan with Boundaries for Rebuilding Trust and Accountability


Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck offers a Three-Day Trauma Recovery Intensive that focuses on these needs in the healing process. She recommends that couple first attend the Couples Sex Addiction Three-Day Intensive the sexually addicted spouse is willing to and then the Partner attend the Trauma Intensive. However, as the Partner, even if your spouse is not in recovery, your healing must be a priority in order to experience healing from the trauma you experienced with the discovery and/or the ongoing staggered disclosure of the sexually betraying behaviors and lies.


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Dr. Hollenbeck specializes in working with professional, celebrity, and high profile couples for Sex Addiction Recovery, Trauma Recovery, and Relational and Sexual Intimacy related issues. She provides therapy that honors and respects the individual, as well as the couple, with a caring, nonjudgmental, and confidential approach in a Three-Day Intensive Therapeutic Setting.


In addition to being a Certified Hope & Freedom Practitioner, Dr. Hollenbeck holds certifications in Sex Therapy, Sex Addiction Therapy, EMDR Therapy, and Anger Management Therapy.  She has also been trained in Pyschodrama Therapy, Gottman Couples Therapy and is a facilitator for the Prepare-Enrich Couples Program.


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