Sexual Healing Three-Day Intensive For Individuals and Couples


Sexual trauma, abuse, disorders, dysfunction, betrayal, and illness all impact our ability to enjoy a healthy sexual relationship.  If you answer YES to any of these questions, you are most likely in need of Sexual Healing:


images-1Do you feel stuck sexually?  Have you lost your desire to have sex?  Are you in a sexless marriage and do not know how to reconnect?  Have you been sexually betrayed by your partner?  Have you been sexually abused?  Have you experienced a major life change or loss that has affected your sex life?  Are you in a relationship with a sex addict?  Are you in the process of healing after an affair?  Are you experiencing sexual dysfunction and a physical problem has been ruled out by your physician?  Were you taught negative beliefs about sex in your childhood that are impacting your sexual health today?  Are you experiencing sexual problems that you have not been able to overcome or resolve?


A Sexual Healing Three-Day Intensive is a powerful healing process for both individuals and couples.  Dr. Hollenbeck focuses on providing a safe, nonjudgmental, and confidential setting for you to address the issues effectively that are negatively impacting your sexual health.  Trauma Therapy, Sex Therapy, Psychotherapy, CBT Therapy, Psychodrama, Art Therapy, and EMDR Therapy are all utilized throughout the Intensive to offer you the best known practices for healing sexual wounds and establishing or restoring you to a place of Healthy Sexuality.


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141984-283x424-Happy-Couple-in-Formal-WearDr. Crystal Hollenbeck specializes in working with professional, celebrity, and high profile couples for Sex Addiction Recovery, Trauma Recovery, and Relational and Sexual Intimacy related issues. She provides therapy that honors and respects the individual, as well as the couple, with a caring, nonjudgmental, and confidential approach in a Three-Day Intensive Therapeutic Setting.


In addition to being a Certified Hope & Freedom Practitioner, Dr. Hollenbeck holds certifications in Sex Therapy, Sex Addiction Therapy, EMDR Therapy, and Anger Management Therapy.  She has also been trained in Pyschodrama Therapy, Gottman Couples Therapy and is a facilitator for the Prepare-Enrich Couples Program.