12043006_407887882742276_3770400999366762348_nAre you tired of arguing with your husband?


Has your wife told you she doesn’t love you anymore?


Is your marriage recovering from an affair?


Are you in a sexless marriage?


Has your marriage survived the loss of a child?


Has your spouse hurt you so bad that you just can’t get over it?


Are your children grown and now you realize you have nothing in common?


Do you believe there is no hope for anything to change in your marriage?


Who Has Time For Counseling?


As a couple, we fall in love, get married, buy a home, build careers, raise children, plan for retirement, and survive difficult times…but how often in our busy lives do we take time to nurture our relationship intimacy and resolve issues together as a couple?   The key to finding the time is making your marriage a priority.  Once it is the priority, it is amazing how much time you will make to devote your efforts to working with your spouse to improve your relationship!


No matter how long you have been married, 2 years or 25, your marriage can become a beautiful relationship consisting of love, respect, intimacy, trust, security, fun, and fulfillment when both partners make a commitment to value the relationship and embrace counseling. 


If you have a good marriage, but want a better one…or if you are struggling in your marriage and wondering if it will last, marriage counseling is a safe and confidential setting to you to work through painful issues and grow as a couple.


Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck is trained in Gottman Couples Therapy and is a trained facilitator of the Prepare-Enrich couples counseling program.  Prepare-Enrich helps couples by addressing key areas of a relationship and build skills to strengthen or restore relational intimacy. In addition, Dr. Hollenbeck is Certified in Sex Therapy, Sex Addiction Therapy, Anger Management, and EMDR to address all issues affecting the individual and the couple.


Marriage Counseling usually consists of 8-10 weeks of 1 hour sessions per week.  You and your spouse will individually take an online assessment and a report will be produced 12047064_1022254824473149_5311044708290336999_nbased on your individual answers in relation to the following scales:


12 Relationship Scales — communication, conflict resolution, roles, sexuality, finances, spiritual beliefs, and more


5 SCOPE Personality Scales, 4 Couple and Family Scales — based on Circumplex Model, 4 Relationship Dynamic Scales, and 30 Customized Scales



Next, you and your spouse will be given workbooks with assignments to do together outside of the counseling sessions.  In the sessions, you both will experience a safe and confidential setting to grow your relational skills and communicate successfully about any issues needing to be addressed including the following:


Identify Individual and Couple Strengths & Explore Each Others Personality

Strengthen Communication Skills & Resolve Conflicts & Reduce Stress

Share Spiritual Beliefs & Address Sexually Related Issues & Grow Intimacy

Compare Family Backgrounds & Comfortably Discuss Financial Issues

Establish Personal, Couple & Family Goals


Remarriage Counseling:  ~ 50% of Marriages in America End in Divorce

1st Marriage:  45% to 50% end in divorce

2nd Marriage:  60% to 67% end in divorce

3rd Marriage:   70% to 73% end in divorce


Counseling before getting remarried should be considered for the following reasons:


Relational wounds from the previous relationship need to be assessed and healed

Dysfunctional patterns of behavior need to be addressed to avoid being repeated

Blended Family issues should be communicated and planned for in advance

Extended family member relationships and role expectations are often complex


Remarriage counseling would follow the same sessions outlined for marriage counseling with additional time spent addressing the issues listed above.


When a couple is making the decision to get married after being widowed or divorced, it is normal to experience mixed emotions.  Counseling can help you and your partner plan for success as a couple and address any individual issues from previous relationships as well as develop a plan for blending families.


There is Hope for Healing that produces Harmony through counseling.


Many couples find themselves in a Sexless Marriage.  View Dr. Hollenbeck’s video presentation as a featured Sex Therapy expert on this topic as she discusses 20 Reasons Couples Stop Having Sex in the Center for Healthy Sex Webinar Series.