S&J EngagementLife’s journey is full of blessings and difficulty.  Sometimes feelings of pain and heartache or anxiety and frustration dominate our life. Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck enjoys helping you see hope through healing and growth! She believes every person is valuable and her approach to counseling is non-judgmental, caring, and solution focused. Dr. Hollenbeck believes counseling is an essential part of a person’s ability to live the life they desire and she enjoys helping people see hope through healing and growth as they progress to a place of harmony. She recommends regular “Mental Health Checkups” in order to stay healthy mentally and emotionally.



Relationship Expertise Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck is a communication expert who helps couples, families, friends, and co-workers develop and/or strengthen their relationship.  She holds certifications in Anger Management, EMDR Therapy, Sex Therapy, and Sex Addiction Therapy.  She is also trained in Gottman Couples Therapy, Prepare-Enrich Couples Counseling, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  She understands the challenges

Why are you getting married?  How do you and your partner communicate?   How do you resolve conflicts and arguments?  What do you expect your marriage roles to be like?   What are your specific goals for the future? What is your plan as a couple to reach your goals?   What kind of family

Are you tired of arguing with your husband?   Has your wife told you she doesn’t love you anymore?   Is your marriage recovering from an affair?   Are you in a sexless marriage?   Has your marriage survived the loss of a child?   Has your spouse hurt you so bad that you just

Sexual Dysfunction   Have you lost your desire to have sex? Are you experiencing pain during sexual activity? Are you unable to experience orgasm during sex? Do you ejaculate too soon when you are engaging in sexual activity? Is it impossible for you to use a tampon or have intercourse?         The

Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck is Certified in Sex Therapy, Sex Addiction Therapy, EMDR Therapy, and Anger Management. She also uses Prepare-Enrich and Gottman Couples Counseling to offer her clients HOPE to HEAL and live in HARMONY relating to sexual and relational issues and experiences. She also helps survivors of sexual trauma and abuse and those who

Are you engaging in the following behaviors and have noticed an increase over a period of time?  Have you suffered financial loss and relationship problems because of this behavior, but you continue to do it?  Are you fearful someone will find out, but you have tried to stop and can’t?   Compulsive masturbation (self-stimulation) Multiple

Are you in the process of going through a divorce and feeling overwhelmed? Is your divorce taking several years to be dissolved legally? Are you frustrated over co-parenting your children with your ex? Are you feeling confused about the divorce? Have you been divorced a long time, but are still bothered by the relationship? Are

Is your family life chaotic?  Are you finding it difficult to get the kids to do their chores?  Does your family communicate by yelling and name calling?   Do you and your spouse disagree on how to discipline the kids?  When is the last time everyone in your family did an activity together?   Does

Anger is an innate human emotion that every person experiences throughout their life span. Anger can be a healthy resource to motivate us to take action against an injustice or a sign to protect ourselves or our loved ones from harm. It can be an important expression related to our value system. However, when anger

Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck is a Certified EMDR Therapist.  In addition to the Basic Training, she completed the two year certification process.  Dr. Hollenbeck has found EMDR to be extremely beneficial to her clients.  She is a strong advocate for EMDR Therapy and recommends you always check your therapist’s training and certification status before receiving EMDR

Trauma occurs when we experience or witness a life threatening event or loss, or something that is so devastating, stressful, and overwhelming to us that it affects our normal ability to cope.  Repeated exposure to trauma from experiences such as abuse is called complex trauma.   Our body and brain stores memories and responds to

Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and a Certified EMDR Therapist.   Everyone will experience trauma or some type of extreme stress during their lifetime.  Trauma involves losses such as illness, death of a pet or loved one, divorce, and job loss.  It also includes abuse, accidents, military combat, and dramatic changes

Nurturing our mental and emotional health is part of living a balanced life. 

It does not always mean something is “wrong” with you because you believe you need help. Our childhood experiences, biological attributes, personality, family structure, life events, and relationships all affect how we develop mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Counseling is a wonderful way to take care of yourself so you can be the person you want to be and live a life of balance.


How often do we think about taking care of ourselves mentally and emotionally?  We go to the doctor regularly to maintain our physical wellbeing.  We go to the dentist regularly to maintain our beautiful smile and healthy teeth.  We nurture our spiritual wellbeing by attending regular church services.  But, how often do we think about making a regular appointment with a mental health counselor to nurture our mental and emotional wellbeing?  Mental Health Counseling is not only for treatment of mental disorders, but is a wonderful part of nurturing your whole self by addressing all issues of emotional and mental stress.


There is Hope for Healing that produces Harmony through counseling. 

Dr. Hollenbeck is a Board Certified Telemental Health Therapist and conducts therapy sessions in her office, and/or via VSee, Zoom and Phone sessions.  In addition to traditional weekly sessions, Dr. Hollenbeck also offers Three Day Intensive Counseling Services.

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