• Are you in the process of going through a divorce and feeling overwhelmed?
    • Is your divorce taking several years to be dissolved legally?
    • Are you frustrated over co-parenting your children with your ex?
    • Are you feeling confused about the divorce?
    • Have you been divorced a long time, but are still bothered by the relationship?
    • Are you feeling overwhelmed with anger and resentment?
    • Do you feel like a failure and afraid to make decisions about going forward?
    • Are you experiencing obsessive thoughts about your ex?
    • Are your children acting out against you?
    • Have you lost your support group of friends since the divorce?

Divorce is Common:  ~ 50% of marriages in America end in divorce

1st Marriage:     45% to 50% end in divorce

2nd Marriage:    60% to 67% end in divorce

3rd Marriage:    70% to 73% end in divorce

Every family is affected by divorce either by experiencing it themselves or knowing someone who is divorcing.  Divorce does not just affect the couple, but the children, extended family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

Counseling helps you heal from the trauma you are experiencing from divorce, and helps you adjust to the many current and future life transitions you are facing.

Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck specializes in helping people work through unexpected and expected life transitions.  She provided a safe and confidential setting for you to address all the issues you are facing with a divorce both personal and relational. 

There is Hope for Healing that produces Harmony through counseling.