Betrayal Trauma Anger Survey


Hello, I am Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck and I am conducting research to gather information for a book on the topic of Betrayal Trauma Anger.  The purpose of this survey is to gather subjective information related to the experiences people have had / are having relating to being betrayed by their intimate partner.  The information gathered will be used to increase the efficacy of professional help sought out by betrayed partners from therapists, coaches and spiritual leaders, and to provide direct information to betrayed partners related to experiencing complex anger resulting from betrayal.


This survey is for:


            People age 18 and older

            People who have been betrayed by their intimate partner


This survey has been reviewed by the Pearl International Review Board and was designed by me utilizing the program Survey Monkey.  The data collected will be analyzed electronically by the platform Survey Monkey and further analysis will be done by me to determine the use of the data in a book and journal article(s). 


The survey consists of 52 questions and the approximate time to complete the survey is 25-35 minutes.  All participants are anonymous.


Thank you for taking time to participate in this survey!



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