Speaking Services

Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck has a great sense of humor and connects in a strong relational way with her audience.  She enjoys speaking on important topics effecting everyday life.  She shares more than information – she gives her audience tools for their “tool box” to use to build and maintain healthy relationships and life balance. 

You may have seen Dr. Hollenbeck interviewed on several local news stations including Fox 35, Central Florida News 13, Local Channel 6, and The Point of View talk show as a guest expert on mental health, sexual issues, and relationship topics.  

In addition to local interviews, she speaks in educational venues such as high schools and colleges, conferences, church functions, and corporate events on the following topics and will also speak on a specific topic you request related to mental and emotional health issues or family and couple relationships.

Healthy Sexuality 

Understanding the Journey from Unhealthy to Healthy Sexuality

Peace in the Home 

How to Create and Maintain a Family Structure Plan

Parenting Styles & Bullying 

What Styles contribute to children becoming a bully or being a victim of bullying?

Communication & Conflict Resolution 

Change your Style and Change your Life!

Anger Addiction 

What is it and how to overcome it!

“I’m Stuck – Why can’t I get over it?” 

Recognizing Trauma and the Recovery Process

Getting Up After Being Knocked Down 

Adjusting to Life after an Unexpected Event

Life Balance 

How to leave work at the office and personal stuff at home…is it possible?

Preparedness & Awareness

Warning Signs that Someone my need your Help!

Embracing Diversity in Our Personal & Professional World

          We are more alike than different