Healing From Traumatic Experiences
Healing From Traumatic Experiences

Life’s journey is full of blessings and difficulty.  Sometimes feelings of pain and heartache or anxiety and frustration dominate our life.

Our childhood experiences, biological attributes, personality, family structure, life events, and relationships all affect how we develop mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. 

Counseling is a wonderful way begin the journey of Healing and to take care of yourself so you can be the person you want to be and live a life of balance.

EMDR Therapy can help you process your thoughts and emotions while you nurture yourself to a place of Harmony and Balance. 

There is Hope for Healing that produces Harmony through counseling.

Crystal Hollenbeck

About The Author

Dr. Crystal Hollenbeck is a Christian who believes every person is valuable and her approach to counseling is non-judgmental, caring, and solution focused. She is a Psychotherapist and holds Certifications in Sex Therapy, Sex Addiction Therapy, EMDR, and Anger Management. As a Certified Hope & Freedom Practitioner, she conducts Three-Day Intensive Therapy Programs for Individuals and Couples in need of Sexual Healing, Trauma Recovery, and Relational Intimacy, and for Couples impacted by Sex Addiction.